Monday, November 8, 2010

my amazing weeknd in L.a ;]

Just got back from my L.a trip, whew ! what a weeknd... i had so much fun, I was born and raised in L.a a city girl but after moving to the valley i dont get to visit as much, just about every 2-3months, I tried to keep my limits, it can really get addicitng, costly and dangerous haha ! l.a is the social life, you never know who you might meet ; and what you might do, check out some of my weeknd pics i really dont wanna spend years talking about my crazy weeknd. ;]
arriving back to a friends house at 2am
train station .

A friend of mine I met over "Myspace" through mutual friends, it was completely accidentally that we ran into each other at a party and it was sooo much fun , of course his style is totally out of this world, he's a real cool guy. ;] there's no social place like L.A lol !!

Here's one of my recent looks I styled from head to toe and put together completely and even managed to photograph with the help of my camera timer lol, thats how it is when your doing what you love and trying to make it.. Anyways I style my makeup and the bow on my head is a lady gaga hair bow however it happens to look like a regular bow . I bought both the blazer and leggings from H & M it was actually a great steal of rthe pricing the leggings under $15 bucks & blazer just $20 shoes from Forever 21 for $10 bucks a even hotter deal !!! this is what you call looking good on a budget lol hopefully you guys love it ;-), leave comments. -Auna Madonna.

I'm Back from a Long Trip !

Hey ladies and germs ;D , i know I haven't been on here in such a long time too post a blog ;-(
life has been very busy for me these last few months mannn, what about yours ? Now that summer is gone and Fall is back and WInter on its way ! Im sort of Happy.. this has been really a VERY interesting year lol but i got alot of updates for yall and can't wait to see you guys updates as well ;-) stay tuned !!!

Im Back !