Thursday, December 30, 2010

new & Improved Hair Color ;)

I finally did it ! after days of analyzing do i really wanna try this ? lol, I tried a new hair color ! The small things such as COLOR can change your look so drastically & who knows wheather for good or worst ? however, I went with a light color, & I love it ! Ive already gotten so many compliments but Im not sure if anyone totally knows i have a NEW hair color ?? hhhmmm.. ive gotten alot of compliments though & im loving this look especially something NEW to bring in 2011 right ?? In my other photos my hair color appear black, but its really a dark brown, I absolutely HATE black hair and im happy i went lighter, hope you guys like ;)

One day Im gonna look Back & Laugh At Everything I Use to Wear.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What i learned about life it requires a excessive amount of acting, acting like
i dont care, acting grown, acting brandnew, acting fake… Real ones are hard to

Business Gals, Wear Buiness Suits

Monday, November 8, 2010

my amazing weeknd in L.a ;]

Just got back from my L.a trip, whew ! what a weeknd... i had so much fun, I was born and raised in L.a a city girl but after moving to the valley i dont get to visit as much, just about every 2-3months, I tried to keep my limits, it can really get addicitng, costly and dangerous haha ! l.a is the social life, you never know who you might meet ; and what you might do, check out some of my weeknd pics i really dont wanna spend years talking about my crazy weeknd. ;]
arriving back to a friends house at 2am
train station .

A friend of mine I met over "Myspace" through mutual friends, it was completely accidentally that we ran into each other at a party and it was sooo much fun , of course his style is totally out of this world, he's a real cool guy. ;] there's no social place like L.A lol !!

Here's one of my recent looks I styled from head to toe and put together completely and even managed to photograph with the help of my camera timer lol, thats how it is when your doing what you love and trying to make it.. Anyways I style my makeup and the bow on my head is a lady gaga hair bow however it happens to look like a regular bow . I bought both the blazer and leggings from H & M it was actually a great steal of rthe pricing the leggings under $15 bucks & blazer just $20 shoes from Forever 21 for $10 bucks a even hotter deal !!! this is what you call looking good on a budget lol hopefully you guys love it ;-), leave comments. -Auna Madonna.

I'm Back from a Long Trip !

Hey ladies and germs ;D , i know I haven't been on here in such a long time too post a blog ;-(
life has been very busy for me these last few months mannn, what about yours ? Now that summer is gone and Fall is back and WInter on its way ! Im sort of Happy.. this has been really a VERY interesting year lol but i got alot of updates for yall and can't wait to see you guys updates as well ;-) stay tuned !!!

Im Back !

Friday, July 30, 2010

Photo Shoot Pics

Here's some Pics from a photoshoot I did Yesterday, Which came out greater than I expected.
I was so Excited, during the first 30mins or so of the photoshoot lol that I could'nt keep still haha, till we went outside and they came out so great ! These are did by a good friend of mine
Arron, Im so happy I was able to work with him, for a while I decided to take a break until i was able to purchase my own camera because I could'nt keep taking low budget photos lol,
but it was a blessing he came through for me. So you guys check them out and let me know what you think of them. Thanks !

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Checker Blazer

Is'nt this the HOTTEST look ? I love her hair, but most importantly and eye catching
that balzer shes wearing, this look is so perfect to pull off for many different occassions.
I found this blazer on etsy! i love it!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

If theres anyone into the Fashion, Photography, Modeling, Journalist, ect whatever it
is that you do and you are serious about it Im here to say Hey, Im pretty much in that same
position and I know how doubting times and situations can seem.. Today I had a talk with my mom which was strange, new & refreshing but it felt good to have that talk with her Ive been trying to let her know that I am serious about my passion for this and I WONT STOP
so either shes gonna help me or watch me do it on my own or find help else where lol,
you have to talk to parents professionally to let them know your intentions are REAL.

Im telling you not to give up, dont stop trying, dont become discouraged &
NEVER settle for less no matter what. Our thoughts create our reality.
so always think positive and think BIG!!

I wanted to make things open for everyone because i have those days where
I wanna give up, because it feels I will never make it to my destination
But in a sense that strives me to keep going and going harder each time.

so if you wanna email me or want some encouragement or just wanna vent to me
hell! i'll even vent with you, I'll support you the best i can, give you a shoutout on my
blog if your looking for exposure.. It dosent even has to have anything to do with my blog
it could be school or family problems, relationship problems.. Im here to tell you I'll
personally try my best to give you my best advice. heres my email:
I check my email almost a thousand times a day so send me a email.

God Bless!!!!!!!!!!
I put this look together very randomly they were a few pieces in my closest i had lost interest innn.... So i decided to put them together and the results were much better than i excepted, im a hugge fan of the shoulder pad look, i love it! so i just tissue balls in the shoulders to add volume, and it looked fine. the tie ? it was for funn also lol, i never really wear it soo heyy.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Late Fourth!!! ;(

Hey Guys!!! Hope everyones Fourth was Beautiful no matter how it was spent.

So since I visited the city for the day, I was'nt able to write any blogs. ;(

However, it was a great vacation from Lancaster while it lasted, I got to see alot of family
I hav'ent seen in almost years..its crazzyy when you visit your roots you see how much
yu've changed and how fast we grow..sheeesshh. Enjoyed the fireworks especially!!
and alot of my twin brothers hilirious momments, hes visiting us for a few days
so it feels good not to be as bored back home.

welll im not gonna write a essay here, due to the irritation of my nails on the keyboard lol idk what made me get them sooo long anyways but hope you guys lived it up!! toodles. ;-)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hot Topic up to 90% Clearance!!!

So recently i've become hot topics bigggest fan dam there, since i saw my friend online shoppin due to the fact i can never sit still in that place with there crazy loud music i always run out before purchasing anything lol. so anyways I found so many great pieces there i love most of there selections are pretty trendy. They have so many styles and not just gothic
I was fooled by the music, But hottopic is the place to shop!
Here's some of there VERY VERY VERY low priced items
if i were you guys I'd definetly not miss this sale there probably wont be another till Labor day or Black friday lol & theres plenty for the guys too !




Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How To Market Your Work.

I started reading a book from the u.k which i love all books from publishers all over the world,
they give you a wider insight from thier experiences and knowledge and im sure everyone can use that when it comes to the marketing industry, wheater you do fashion,photograghy,
art, music ect. It can be complicated to make your work stand out, get attention, and grow.
So I decided to share with you all i afew things i learned to help you in your area of work.
Im sure this could pretty much help any entreprenuar.

1.)Think about where your core talents lie & what you'd like tyo do with them...
Advertising ? Design ? Illustration ? Its good to specialise but remeber today's industry
is about crossing boundaries and stretching the media limits.

2.) The key is to keep increasing, keep making contacts, keep building your portfolio
& keep expanding your range. Networking is the most important thing in this industry!
its not all about what you know, but who you know! these people may be able to help you,
with ideas, advice, encouragement, inspiration, ect everyone is important in the creative

3.) Do your research/// whoever you approach for work & however you approach them,
make sure you do your research. Find out about the kind of work they do & the kind of culture
they foster. Always be looking a year down the road for new industry trends, new opportunities new ways to implement your talents & skills your constantly learning.

4.) Consider the Competition:
creative work is all about being inspired: by the worl, by your environment, by the people and things around you. In a creative sense its important to be aware of other peoples work.
On a logistical level, its essential that your you're unaware of what the competition
is doing.If your a designer what kinds of design styles are currently popular? How are other
designers showing digital portfolios while you trudge around with your 'REAL' portfolio
So while its important to look at what other people are doing, its mainly so that you can
try to do something better.

5.)Exactly do you impress prospective employers? Surprise them with insight or ideas
for thier business thats on the money.

6.) The brand of you, is the most important brand any creative works on.
Being a sponge meanstaking everything in, Being open to ideas & inspirations.
The brand of you, you must keep honing it,pushing it, growing it.
In time the rewards of brand recognition will come.

As you go about developing the 'brand of you' remeber once your brand becomes known ,
you have the ability to affect it negatively as well as positively.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Vintage ???

Basically, as we all know clearly since we can't miss it Vintage Style is a very Huge Trend around the country, over seas, around the world ect. I've seen it on lookbook, lookville, in stores, chictopia, weardrobe ect and the list goes on.. This is fashion, or maybe these are people, a huge mass aof people takes like to a trend and next you know the whole world is unknowingly following lol, Its badd enough its already been done, your wardrobes are practically past down from your whole grandma's collection lol. Jk!
But I decided personally, my goal in fahsion is to always STAND OUT and bring the unthinkable, hieghten my measures, go crazy and vintage is jUST NOT satisfying my huger for fashion, its already been done wow, woopty-doo already..lets move on lol,
its 2010, I feel the urge be the next all african american LADY GAGA, rihanna better watch out now. All i need is the funds i guess haha, until then i quess i'll be designing and cutting up my cloths and hiding out at thrift shops. ;/ I just wanted to know if anyone was getting this same impression about the whole vintage trends ???
Is anyone in favor of the prints on top of prints look ??? This is slowly becoming
a HOT trend for all the fashion lovers! Okay, Okay, I'll admit it.. I was'nt such a
big fan of the whole double print look, like come'on you cant but cheetah and zeebra
together right ? lol, but now im gradutially opening up to this trend i think its unique
and HOT especially will a solid pair of shoes! fashion is'nt about matching all the time or
how well someone like it, its about the IMAGE and the STATEMENT it makes
Do it stand out among the crowd ? Does it dare to be different ? or are you just plain jane
doing the Same Thang, looking really Lame... lmao, okay i gotta little rhyme too
hehe ;-* But really this is so hot i wanted to show you all especially with the summer florals!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

For some odd reason, I happen to love this picture ALOT! I dont have any face pics
done up close... at least that i like, BUT last night i found myself sitting at the computer
just listening to the voice inside my head which seems to never SHUTUP lol,
and it said TAKE A PICTURE and im thinking NAH! im tired ect ect and then it said
it again louder and way more demanding, Take the PICTURE! remind you, i have just gotten
off the phone with a close friend who had offered to do me a photoshoot and he was telling me
he wanted to do it in my room and blah blah blah and i really was just against that idea
likkee eewwh naahh, but after taking this picture i kinda LOVE the back ground of my room alot lol. dont you think its kinda cute and different ?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer & Scarfs ?

I got alot of questions as to pull of the scarf in the summer season and what to wear with it.
Look at the above picture! =) this is the perfect look I love this, the scarf look wonderful
and goes very well with this. And it still goes with the summer look. I was surfing the net and
couldnt help but to show you this! shes rockin that scarf lol.

Ummm hello ? Do you guys totally love this look or what..? lol, her look is so cute !
I love the hair, I really want this hairstyle myself! The short bob, Love it.. She reminds me of Tom Cruiz wife Kate with this hairstyle.
Her dress is overall fab , just the right amount of jewlery also and the bag really goes well. I love it. I found this look on Elle featured in the street chic colum..check more out here and alot more on fashion, celebs fashion, street chic and more!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tokyo Diiva

Does anyone love HIGH-FASHION like i do ?????? wow! If you guys hav'ent heard of her
your really missing out, Tokyo Diiva! I've been a fan of her Fashion for awhile now
and I love it, She has a very unique sense of style in Fashion, This is No Longer
Fashion in my view this is beyond Fashion, so you guys gotta keep up here lol, The girl
has tooken us beyond fasion I've been following her looks for a little over a year now
thier amazing!! she also rapps, she even did the bad girls theme song for "The Badd Girls Club" anywho, i cant even describe this outfit, lol I think its VERY self explanditory the girl
has a great talent for Fashion & Design since I've never seen such pieces put togther love her!
Check her out on myspace just type in her name in the search box to check out more
of her looks and things, Bye for now! =)
"I love Fashion in all forms, Everything I touch I re-create it somehow, Or at Least I can."

This quote was said by me, and I can most definetly live to my words, The above picture is
one of my rooms wall..The rest of my room Is Crazy its like my own little fashion musem lol,
I dont remeber how i came up with this, but i remeber thinking I LOVE FASHION
I live FASHION, but my creativity is'nt prevailing with four dry boring walls ! I need
something to inspire me, drive me, Since that day this room has been where all my creativity
has been born. Fashion Is everywhere for me architechure is fashion to me
Cars, Nails, Eyes, Even our personalities are fashionable. The key to Fashion is
Transformation, from one transit to another to make bigger, better ect.
Here STUDYING! as you all can see I actually do study, lol.
anyways this was this morning, Me studying about a great book published
in the UK about how to market your brand and how to excel in the creative business
I will be posting some tips here very soon, there great for anyone in the entertainment
fashion, media business as to how to make great good connections and network
your brand and yourself =) so stay tuned!