Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Late Fourth!!! ;(

Hey Guys!!! Hope everyones Fourth was Beautiful no matter how it was spent.

So since I visited the city for the day, I was'nt able to write any blogs. ;(

However, it was a great vacation from Lancaster while it lasted, I got to see alot of family
I hav'ent seen in almost years..its crazzyy when you visit your roots you see how much
yu've changed and how fast we grow..sheeesshh. Enjoyed the fireworks especially!!
and alot of my twin brothers hilirious momments, hes visiting us for a few days
so it feels good not to be as bored back home.

welll im not gonna write a essay here, due to the irritation of my nails on the keyboard lol idk what made me get them sooo long anyways but hope you guys lived it up!! toodles. ;-)

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  1. hi:)
    I saw ur pics on weardrobe and u have a cool style.


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