Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How To Market Your Work.

I started reading a book from the u.k which i love all books from publishers all over the world,
they give you a wider insight from thier experiences and knowledge and im sure everyone can use that when it comes to the marketing industry, wheater you do fashion,photograghy,
art, music ect. It can be complicated to make your work stand out, get attention, and grow.
So I decided to share with you all i afew things i learned to help you in your area of work.
Im sure this could pretty much help any entreprenuar.

1.)Think about where your core talents lie & what you'd like tyo do with them...
Advertising ? Design ? Illustration ? Its good to specialise but remeber today's industry
is about crossing boundaries and stretching the media limits.

2.) The key is to keep increasing, keep making contacts, keep building your portfolio
& keep expanding your range. Networking is the most important thing in this industry!
its not all about what you know, but who you know! these people may be able to help you,
with ideas, advice, encouragement, inspiration, ect everyone is important in the creative

3.) Do your research/// whoever you approach for work & however you approach them,
make sure you do your research. Find out about the kind of work they do & the kind of culture
they foster. Always be looking a year down the road for new industry trends, new opportunities new ways to implement your talents & skills your constantly learning.

4.) Consider the Competition:
creative work is all about being inspired: by the worl, by your environment, by the people and things around you. In a creative sense its important to be aware of other peoples work.
On a logistical level, its essential that your you're unaware of what the competition
is doing.If your a designer what kinds of design styles are currently popular? How are other
designers showing digital portfolios while you trudge around with your 'REAL' portfolio
So while its important to look at what other people are doing, its mainly so that you can
try to do something better.

5.)Exactly do you impress prospective employers? Surprise them with insight or ideas
for thier business thats on the money.

6.) The brand of you, is the most important brand any creative works on.
Being a sponge meanstaking everything in, Being open to ideas & inspirations.
The brand of you, you must keep honing it,pushing it, growing it.
In time the rewards of brand recognition will come.

As you go about developing the 'brand of you' remeber once your brand becomes known ,
you have the ability to affect it negatively as well as positively.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Vintage ???

Basically, as we all know clearly since we can't miss it Vintage Style is a very Huge Trend around the country, over seas, around the world ect. I've seen it on lookbook, lookville, in stores, chictopia, weardrobe ect and the list goes on.. This is fashion, or maybe these are people, a huge mass aof people takes like to a trend and next you know the whole world is unknowingly following lol, Its badd enough its already been done, your wardrobes are practically past down from your whole grandma's collection lol. Jk!
But I decided personally, my goal in fahsion is to always STAND OUT and bring the unthinkable, hieghten my measures, go crazy and vintage is jUST NOT satisfying my huger for fashion, its already been done wow, woopty-doo already..lets move on lol,
its 2010, I feel the urge be the next all african american LADY GAGA, rihanna better watch out now. All i need is the funds i guess haha, until then i quess i'll be designing and cutting up my cloths and hiding out at thrift shops. ;/ I just wanted to know if anyone was getting this same impression about the whole vintage trends ???
Is anyone in favor of the prints on top of prints look ??? This is slowly becoming
a HOT trend for all the fashion lovers! Okay, Okay, I'll admit it.. I was'nt such a
big fan of the whole double print look, like come'on you cant but cheetah and zeebra
together right ? lol, but now im gradutially opening up to this trend i think its unique
and HOT especially will a solid pair of shoes! fashion is'nt about matching all the time or
how well someone like it, its about the IMAGE and the STATEMENT it makes
Do it stand out among the crowd ? Does it dare to be different ? or are you just plain jane
doing the Same Thang, looking really Lame... lmao, okay i gotta little rhyme too
hehe ;-* But really this is so hot i wanted to show you all especially with the summer florals!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

For some odd reason, I happen to love this picture ALOT! I dont have any face pics
done up close... at least that i like, BUT last night i found myself sitting at the computer
just listening to the voice inside my head which seems to never SHUTUP lol,
and it said TAKE A PICTURE and im thinking NAH! im tired ect ect and then it said
it again louder and way more demanding, Take the PICTURE! remind you, i have just gotten
off the phone with a close friend who had offered to do me a photoshoot and he was telling me
he wanted to do it in my room and blah blah blah and i really was just against that idea
likkee eewwh naahh, but after taking this picture i kinda LOVE the back ground of my room alot lol. dont you think its kinda cute and different ?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer & Scarfs ?

I got alot of questions as to pull of the scarf in the summer season and what to wear with it.
Look at the above picture! =) this is the perfect look I love this, the scarf look wonderful
and goes very well with this. And it still goes with the summer look. I was surfing the net and
couldnt help but to show you this! shes rockin that scarf lol.

Ummm hello ? Do you guys totally love this look or what..? lol, her look is so cute !
I love the hair, I really want this hairstyle myself! The short bob, Love it.. She reminds me of Tom Cruiz wife Kate with this hairstyle.
Her dress is overall fab , just the right amount of jewlery also and the bag really goes well. I love it. I found this look on Elle featured in the street chic colum..check more out here and alot more on fashion, celebs fashion, street chic and more! Ellee.com

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tokyo Diiva

Does anyone love HIGH-FASHION like i do ?????? wow! If you guys hav'ent heard of her
your really missing out, Tokyo Diiva! I've been a fan of her Fashion for awhile now
and I love it, She has a very unique sense of style in Fashion, This is No Longer
Fashion in my view this is beyond Fashion, so you guys gotta keep up here lol, The girl
has tooken us beyond fasion I've been following her looks for a little over a year now
thier amazing!! she also rapps, she even did the bad girls theme song for "The Badd Girls Club" anywho, i cant even describe this outfit, lol I think its VERY self explanditory the girl
has a great talent for Fashion & Design since I've never seen such pieces put togther love her!
Check her out on myspace just type in her name in the search box to check out more
of her looks and things, Bye for now! =)
"I love Fashion in all forms, Everything I touch I re-create it somehow, Or at Least I can."

This quote was said by me, and I can most definetly live to my words, The above picture is
one of my rooms wall..The rest of my room Is Crazy its like my own little fashion musem lol,
I dont remeber how i came up with this, but i remeber thinking I LOVE FASHION
I live FASHION, but my creativity is'nt prevailing with four dry boring walls ! I need
something to inspire me, drive me, Since that day this room has been where all my creativity
has been born. Fashion Is everywhere for me architechure is fashion to me
Cars, Nails, Eyes, Even our personalities are fashionable. The key to Fashion is
Transformation, from one transit to another to make bigger, better ect.
Here STUDYING! as you all can see I actually do study, lol.
anyways this was this morning, Me studying about a great book published
in the UK about how to market your brand and how to excel in the creative business
I will be posting some tips here very soon, there great for anyone in the entertainment
fashion, media business as to how to make great good connections and network
your brand and yourself =) so stay tuned!

Summerishh !

Generally speaking of button-ups and short-shirts I would have NEVER thought
of trying this, I got the feeling i was showing up for a tennis game lol, or golf BUT aahh! who dosent have a button up and mini shorts in thier closet ? I wont deny it im used to hte over the top look but reading the comments from my recent viewers on lookville.com I wanted to show off a more modern look here which is taking something classic and adding more style to it with a more advanced look but still down to earth. classic, and stylish. I wanted to wear the flower to add clor, other than the earthtones here, the pink brings expressions to adds blodness to what i sometimes consider boring colors lol. The shoes, Well thier a more advanced look as well to go with this look, i think thier reallycute with a slight heel here. and the pearls are just Wonderous for this look ! adds more of a classic flavor to top it off completely. You can wear this for many occassions, wheather its out with the girls, on a date, or shopping ect. besides its just shirts and a button up! =)
Ummm.. Just in case you ALL have'nt notcied the Denin Sweaters are In...
recently I took a picute with mine, and people were commenting like omg, why the demin sweatshirt, these are totally in! They look great with solid color light or dark, i bought one about
a year ago last summer to be precise and no one had them then mine is the same as hers in the picute I purchased it from wetseal.. and this summer their a huge trend!!, espeically the long ones their good for dresses or high-waisted shorts ect. this girl here is definetly rockin this look
with the heels its not too much nor too little and yet still very fashionable, btw, i found her on lookbook.nu and you cna check her out and more of her looks there! =)

Trendy Hairstyles.

If your like Me and finding a unique and stylish hairstyle seems to be so dam complex
to fit you you.. and I know alot of ladies have questions about which hairstyle fits thier
face, lipstick, hair color ect.Now the answers to the questions can range from many different things such as, what color do you wear most, what style do you wear most rockish, vintage, sophisticated, casual ect and then try finding a look to match that. But hair styles is probably the most difficult to find to match us and our personalities, The up-does have become really popular
lately and I love these also and bring out the boldness and structure in our face when wore, but a casual pony tail can seem a little boring, of course! i know, but here are some looks that add lots of flavor with a bow or a different look actually matches thier makeup. =) these are hot!
espeicially if your a face model ect. and thier very trendy hairstyles for all kinds of hair.

Summer Floral Dress

Summer Dresses! Omg, is it just me here, or is the such a CUTE look, Due too this dress and many other lovely floral dress my opionion has changed about the whole floral look, I now the the floral patterns thier exoctic and really sexy, But be sure to watch which material you get!! I donot like the silk floral material uuuugghh! no! This is nice though, the blet adds a solid look to the dress as well. and as for the shoes! omg! Im so into the short stocking or adorable socks this is called THE BABY DOLL look. and goes well for summer fun and summer occassions. Btw, i found this look on lookbook.nu and i loved it so much i had to share with you all!
So I basically put this outfit together, Very randomly it just came together with little
thought.But overall I love this look, i wanted to go outside of my looks which are usually over the top and try something more down to earth lol, I think im becoming obseessed with button-ups!! they can go with just just about anything..... and thier soo cute, & i have'nt seen anyone wear them with the high-waited skirts, so it a great fit. P.S I happen to be VERY short! lol,but thanks to the high-waist skirt and the pumps, It pulls together a very sexy long-leg look for me, thats for alll the shory's that can relate. =) *Toodles*

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Modeling Has ALWAYS, and probably ALWAYS will be one of my biggest interest and passions and its not a NORMAL passion for me, Im N0t as passionate about anything else as I am about Modeling & Fashion and theres no reason or logic behind my passion for it I cant describe or explain it, Its just THERE.

Are'nt the cutest ? Omg, I want a pair sooo badly... and guess how much thier priced at!!!
$22.99 Yes Believe It! And its more where these came from =) The cheapest prices for
the sexiest looks GIRLS, With a vareity of dresses,gowns, hosiery, tee's, boots, heels, Appareal
and much much more all for reasonable prices. check out the site at amiclubwear.com
while thier prices are creazy good, up to 90% off regular prices. summer is here so you know what that means.. In with the new out with the OLD. =)

Over The Top ? Or just Out of the Box Fashion.

Take a brief moment, to look at this outfit fully......................................................
Okay, I know its a little to the left and very much out of the box right Yeaah
But it was something that convienced me overall the fashion of it goes perfectly
These boots were one of spring biggest trends! Many celebrites pulled these boots
off including Amber Rose =) and more, Fashionable hair bows ?? well i also notcied the pin flowers were coming back and seen alot of girls, celebrities ect. wearing them and Myself came across this huge hair bow right before a Model audition and My goal is always above and beyond and I though YEAAUUUUHH this is the one, this is gonna catch thier eyes lol, and It did Actually it caught just about everyones eyes i came in contact with.. so it was a very successful day that day. I also uploaded this look to LookVille.com and it brung ALOT of controversy as well and was voted as a top look ;) with over 200 views in 2days, mainly the comments were reguarding the hosiery being revealed, oops! sorry for that! But mainly alot of shocked viewers loved it. I cant remeber what in my minds world convienced me to wear this but I love it personally.

thanks for the comments and support.

Modern Vintage ?

Whats your Take ?
I uploaded this picture to LookVille.com and It brought so much controversy with over 300 views in just 2days!I heard it all from The Good, The Bad & The Just Plain Stop It Now!Comments, yes! the viewers had No Problem expressing there perspective on this look... But one Comment Caught my eyes and Changed my Opionion about the whole look, [btw. Thats me lol.]
However, She said....
"Uuum, I don't know why you guys are telling her it's overboard when there are models in Vogue and other big name magazines that wear the same things and you guys probably love it. I actually love the pink shirt under the denim jacket. I say lose ONE strand of pearls. And, the next time, I'd just go with pantyhose under the shorts, but keep the heels. " She is so right! Not to compare myself to Vogues fashion, but it was good to hear ;) Shes right! Theres Fashions in Vogues mag's Elle ect and Some are hidious and some are strange but because there huge names and have a Blonde hair girl, with long legs and Pale skin wearing it, You perception of the Fashion is completely different.. Well, I guess thats why they have models lol because all fashion dosent look right on all people, i see it as everyone has thier own unique style..some can pull it off and some cant. ;( I personally dont have limits or rules in my fashion, and I dont mind taking risks AT ALL. difference catches peoples eyes not the Look you stole out of A vogues Mag, or Elle. As for the Makeup I can agree it was a little much ;/ and I shouldnt have used both pearls but Hey! thats apart of taking risks, Happy i got to hear the comments from all the viewers thanks for the support!

Poka Dots

Poka Dots are BACK! This model is fierecelywearing this dress and I love it,
Everyone is showing off and bringing out the poka dots again, because
thier BACK! her look matches very lovely with this dress and the belt topped the
whole look right, I love the slit as well It add sexiness to the dress , if your a skin lover and love showin your skin like me ;) the slit does wonders without looking like its too much! Its looks as if she has the puffy shoulder look but not TOO puffy here
which look great! I dont know exactly what that is around her neck, but it look fabulous as well
and the shooess are HOT, these are also a hot trend right now; everyone had a black and white
pair that they probably used to HATE in grade school if you hadd to wear uniform, Well
thier back and wayy cuter than before in multi colors. goes well for the preppy looks or a button up ect. Kudos to this model! Designed by: Derek Lam

Style For Guys

;) I could'nt forget about the Guys!! Oh My God, I think every girl can agree..Guys in suits
are SEXY!!, but guys in styled suits are ADORABLE, i loved this guy look, Instead of just doing
the suit look he even added what looks to be a self-designed look, i know for guys it may seem
a little more complex to find stores and shops online that goes outside the box for guys clothing..
But heres an example, You can take something so Richly famous and re-create it according to
you own unique style, although I love his feathers, their soooo cute right ? You can purchase these at walmart or the 99 cent store and no need for sewing, The hot glue gun will do the job!
lol. But if your feeling even more edgy you could try using your own style.. something to enchance the shoulder pads definetly! This guy here has the look down-packed, Confidence obviously and the Tie goes great! It is'nt too extravagant nor too plain, since its nice,long and thin, it makes a lovely statement..Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise should look into hiring this guy
for personal dressing assistance lol. P.S I found him on Lookbook.nu ;) look for more of his style fellas.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Trendy Hats

So I hear and see alot of people asking about the lastest Hats..Yeahh i know You've seen them around! These vintage hats are coming back modern style and thier wayy CUTER than
before!!! ;-) I know, I know... Theres not alot of Hat Lovers.. I was'nt so BIG on the Hat
trend either until I seen these, & of course I bought one! I actually bought mine back in Febuary in Las Vegas ;-) before I had seen anyone wearing them...Yes, and Between you and I.. I was VERY skeptical about purchasing it both my friends had been getting matching Hats, & I though
aahh! It dosent hurt to get a hat for once, even though I didnt think i would wear it ever after its first appearance lol. Lets just say each time i wear mine i get tons of compliments. and the good part about these is their UNI-SEX, both girls and guys can pull the look off, you could pull it off with a tricky outfit too. Check more out at Urbanoutfiiters.com

Preppy or Conservative ?

Sorry for my LAME camera! ;-( Anywho,
I never seen a outfit put together like this,
I love it! so what do you think ? You could
pull this off anywhere!! Slightly heeled leather boots,Boyfriend button up depending on what color fits you best, powder blue dos'ent work for everyone I'd stick to the earthtones though,Cutt or Ripped Jeans slouched into a long capri look. You cant go wrong. It is'nt too boring,& It is'nt to Bold.
When I first see this outfit, i think of meeting
someone's parents hehe! or a day out to make FUN errands, still sexy just in-case..never know who you may see; & Still casual and elequent just in-case you have to embrace that inner profession. And for all the comfort lovers, Its also
comfortable, its practically Jeans and A button up.

Jason Wu Summer Trended Dress.

So Summer Is here, officially and its practically the the best season when it comes to showing off the greatest fashion righhtt ? Speaking of showing off Fashion.. This is one of Summer's Trendiest New looks!
Wearing fashion on your sleeve is the new goal for fashion today.
This dress is by Jason Wu the designer. aaaawwwhh! You have to admire him for his great taste! Yeah!
Comments: I love the dress, But Im not for the shoes, I actually dont like the model either, I would have loved to see a taller girl with brunette hair or blonde maybe to bring out the boldness in the dress, This is a godess dress damm there lol! If you know your fashion this could be a all-purpose dress .. out with the girls to shop or dinner, or even a social gethering either way the dress is undeniable Sexy!


LookVille Is a more advanced LookBook,
its more social more interaction with meeting and
commenting people about your latest looks. Its really cool you can update Looks that you have and may want to share or view others looks and take some tips either way its a cool site. Its not as upgraded as LookBook because all of the fashion
is'nt so high fashioned but it ranges from simple everyday fashions to big trendy
fashions. So all you viewers Signup! Join or Whatever and show off your looks.
If you cant get an account because of course...you have to be invited then just email or comment me and i'll get cha in! ;-)See you there!

Dirty Shirty

This Brand, Is called Dirty Shirty available at {www.DirtyShirty.com}

They have a vareity of sexy, cute, stylish Tee's that you can wear,
almost anywhere or to any event and still look Trendy
Or even alter the look for yourself by cutting the tee, putting a few pins
on them, or giving it a tie. ect. however and whatever the occassion
they definetly have cute Tee's and also come in guys. Im a fan
of their line now, hhhmmm..could'nt you all see me now: Just modeling
in one ??? lmmaaaaooo. ;-*