Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ummm.. Just in case you ALL have'nt notcied the Denin Sweaters are In...
recently I took a picute with mine, and people were commenting like omg, why the demin sweatshirt, these are totally in! They look great with solid color light or dark, i bought one about
a year ago last summer to be precise and no one had them then mine is the same as hers in the picute I purchased it from wetseal.. and this summer their a huge trend!!, espeically the long ones their good for dresses or high-waisted shorts ect. this girl here is definetly rockin this look
with the heels its not too much nor too little and yet still very fashionable, btw, i found her on and you cna check her out and more of her looks there! =)

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