Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Trendy Hats

So I hear and see alot of people asking about the lastest Hats..Yeahh i know You've seen them around! These vintage hats are coming back modern style and thier wayy CUTER than
before!!! ;-) I know, I know... Theres not alot of Hat Lovers.. I was'nt so BIG on the Hat
trend either until I seen these, & of course I bought one! I actually bought mine back in Febuary in Las Vegas ;-) before I had seen anyone wearing them...Yes, and Between you and I.. I was VERY skeptical about purchasing it both my friends had been getting matching Hats, & I though
aahh! It dosent hurt to get a hat for once, even though I didnt think i would wear it ever after its first appearance lol. Lets just say each time i wear mine i get tons of compliments. and the good part about these is their UNI-SEX, both girls and guys can pull the look off, you could pull it off with a tricky outfit too. Check more out at Urbanoutfiiters.com

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