Monday, June 28, 2010

Vintage ???

Basically, as we all know clearly since we can't miss it Vintage Style is a very Huge Trend around the country, over seas, around the world ect. I've seen it on lookbook, lookville, in stores, chictopia, weardrobe ect and the list goes on.. This is fashion, or maybe these are people, a huge mass aof people takes like to a trend and next you know the whole world is unknowingly following lol, Its badd enough its already been done, your wardrobes are practically past down from your whole grandma's collection lol. Jk!
But I decided personally, my goal in fahsion is to always STAND OUT and bring the unthinkable, hieghten my measures, go crazy and vintage is jUST NOT satisfying my huger for fashion, its already been done wow, woopty-doo already..lets move on lol,
its 2010, I feel the urge be the next all african american LADY GAGA, rihanna better watch out now. All i need is the funds i guess haha, until then i quess i'll be designing and cutting up my cloths and hiding out at thrift shops. ;/ I just wanted to know if anyone was getting this same impression about the whole vintage trends ???


  1. vintage look, love it!
    i agree with you, vintage is indeed an eternal trend; it can be mixed with a lot of other styles :)

    Castor Pollux

  2. yes it is true

    1st its underground then it gets popular and everyone wears it

    and it kinda kills the fun for the people who are truly into that style oppose to the ones who are copying just to keep up with the latest style

    and "your wardrobes are practically past down from your whole grandma's collection" LOL its so true LOL



  3. it is true that people wanting to be unique with vintage things kind of all turned them into the same thing.. but i think you can still wear vintage and not look typical or too lookbook-ish.for your next lady gaga, good luck, cant wait to see you!
    xx, zaia


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