Thursday, June 24, 2010

"I love Fashion in all forms, Everything I touch I re-create it somehow, Or at Least I can."

This quote was said by me, and I can most definetly live to my words, The above picture is
one of my rooms wall..The rest of my room Is Crazy its like my own little fashion musem lol,
I dont remeber how i came up with this, but i remeber thinking I LOVE FASHION
I live FASHION, but my creativity is'nt prevailing with four dry boring walls ! I need
something to inspire me, drive me, Since that day this room has been where all my creativity
has been born. Fashion Is everywhere for me architechure is fashion to me
Cars, Nails, Eyes, Even our personalities are fashionable. The key to Fashion is
Transformation, from one transit to another to make bigger, better ect.

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