Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Preppy or Conservative ?

Sorry for my LAME camera! ;-( Anywho,
I never seen a outfit put together like this,
I love it! so what do you think ? You could
pull this off anywhere!! Slightly heeled leather boots,Boyfriend button up depending on what color fits you best, powder blue dos'ent work for everyone I'd stick to the earthtones though,Cutt or Ripped Jeans slouched into a long capri look. You cant go wrong. It is'nt too boring,& It is'nt to Bold.
When I first see this outfit, i think of meeting
someone's parents hehe! or a day out to make FUN errands, still sexy just in-case..never know who you may see; & Still casual and elequent just in-case you have to embrace that inner profession. And for all the comfort lovers, Its also
comfortable, its practically Jeans and A button up.

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