Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tokyo Diiva

Does anyone love HIGH-FASHION like i do ?????? wow! If you guys hav'ent heard of her
your really missing out, Tokyo Diiva! I've been a fan of her Fashion for awhile now
and I love it, She has a very unique sense of style in Fashion, This is No Longer
Fashion in my view this is beyond Fashion, so you guys gotta keep up here lol, The girl
has tooken us beyond fasion I've been following her looks for a little over a year now
thier amazing!! she also rapps, she even did the bad girls theme song for "The Badd Girls Club" anywho, i cant even describe this outfit, lol I think its VERY self explanditory the girl
has a great talent for Fashion & Design since I've never seen such pieces put togther love her!
Check her out on myspace just type in her name in the search box to check out more
of her looks and things, Bye for now! =)


  1. yeah iknow tokyo diva iuse to have her onb myspace back in the dya she has the sickest style


  2. I love Tokoyo diva, but they dont give her credit. She did that whole barbie thing before nicki minaj.

    Great blog hon!


  3. Shade, you are so right girl!
    She did start the barbie looks long before nicki was thought of, thats the fashion world i guess! you never get the right of reconigtion sometimes.


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