Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Style For Guys

;) I could'nt forget about the Guys!! Oh My God, I think every girl can agree..Guys in suits
are SEXY!!, but guys in styled suits are ADORABLE, i loved this guy look, Instead of just doing
the suit look he even added what looks to be a self-designed look, i know for guys it may seem
a little more complex to find stores and shops online that goes outside the box for guys clothing..
But heres an example, You can take something so Richly famous and re-create it according to
you own unique style, although I love his feathers, their soooo cute right ? You can purchase these at walmart or the 99 cent store and no need for sewing, The hot glue gun will do the job!
lol. But if your feeling even more edgy you could try using your own style.. something to enchance the shoulder pads definetly! This guy here has the look down-packed, Confidence obviously and the Tie goes great! It is'nt too extravagant nor too plain, since its nice,long and thin, it makes a lovely statement..Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise should look into hiring this guy
for personal dressing assistance lol. P.S I found him on ;) look for more of his style fellas.

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