Thursday, June 24, 2010

So I basically put this outfit together, Very randomly it just came together with little
thought.But overall I love this look, i wanted to go outside of my looks which are usually over the top and try something more down to earth lol, I think im becoming obseessed with button-ups!! they can go with just just about anything..... and thier soo cute, & i have'nt seen anyone wear them with the high-waited skirts, so it a great fit. P.S I happen to be VERY short! lol,but thanks to the high-waist skirt and the pumps, It pulls together a very sexy long-leg look for me, thats for alll the shory's that can relate. =) *Toodles*


  1. The woman was in fabulous shape and she looked GREAT. I think what bothered me was the lack of sophistication and class in her look. When I look at women like SJP, Demi Moore, and Elle McPherson, I see sexy, classy, an sophisticated women. replica rolex watches

  2. I think becoming obsessed with button-ups! they can go with just about anything with purses


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