Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Modern Vintage ?

Whats your Take ?
I uploaded this picture to and It brought so much controversy with over 300 views in just 2days!I heard it all from The Good, The Bad & The Just Plain Stop It Now!Comments, yes! the viewers had No Problem expressing there perspective on this look... But one Comment Caught my eyes and Changed my Opionion about the whole look, [btw. Thats me lol.]
However, She said....
"Uuum, I don't know why you guys are telling her it's overboard when there are models in Vogue and other big name magazines that wear the same things and you guys probably love it. I actually love the pink shirt under the denim jacket. I say lose ONE strand of pearls. And, the next time, I'd just go with pantyhose under the shorts, but keep the heels. " She is so right! Not to compare myself to Vogues fashion, but it was good to hear ;) Shes right! Theres Fashions in Vogues mag's Elle ect and Some are hidious and some are strange but because there huge names and have a Blonde hair girl, with long legs and Pale skin wearing it, You perception of the Fashion is completely different.. Well, I guess thats why they have models lol because all fashion dosent look right on all people, i see it as everyone has thier own unique style..some can pull it off and some cant. ;( I personally dont have limits or rules in my fashion, and I dont mind taking risks AT ALL. difference catches peoples eyes not the Look you stole out of A vogues Mag, or Elle. As for the Makeup I can agree it was a little much ;/ and I shouldnt have used both pearls but Hey! thats apart of taking risks, Happy i got to hear the comments from all the viewers thanks for the support!

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