Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Over The Top ? Or just Out of the Box Fashion.

Take a brief moment, to look at this outfit fully......................................................
Okay, I know its a little to the left and very much out of the box right Yeaah
But it was something that convienced me overall the fashion of it goes perfectly
These boots were one of spring biggest trends! Many celebrites pulled these boots
off including Amber Rose =) and more, Fashionable hair bows ?? well i also notcied the pin flowers were coming back and seen alot of girls, celebrities ect. wearing them and Myself came across this huge hair bow right before a Model audition and My goal is always above and beyond and I though YEAAUUUUHH this is the one, this is gonna catch thier eyes lol, and It did Actually it caught just about everyones eyes i came in contact with.. so it was a very successful day that day. I also uploaded this look to and it brung ALOT of controversy as well and was voted as a top look ;) with over 200 views in 2days, mainly the comments were reguarding the hosiery being revealed, oops! sorry for that! But mainly alot of shocked viewers loved it. I cant remeber what in my minds world convienced me to wear this but I love it personally.

thanks for the comments and support.

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