Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Poka Dots

Poka Dots are BACK! This model is fierecelywearing this dress and I love it,
Everyone is showing off and bringing out the poka dots again, because
thier BACK! her look matches very lovely with this dress and the belt topped the
whole look right, I love the slit as well It add sexiness to the dress , if your a skin lover and love showin your skin like me ;) the slit does wonders without looking like its too much! Its looks as if she has the puffy shoulder look but not TOO puffy here
which look great! I dont know exactly what that is around her neck, but it look fabulous as well
and the shooess are HOT, these are also a hot trend right now; everyone had a black and white
pair that they probably used to HATE in grade school if you hadd to wear uniform, Well
thier back and wayy cuter than before in multi colors. goes well for the preppy looks or a button up ect. Kudos to this model! Designed by: Derek Lam

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