Monday, November 8, 2010

my amazing weeknd in L.a ;]

Just got back from my L.a trip, whew ! what a weeknd... i had so much fun, I was born and raised in L.a a city girl but after moving to the valley i dont get to visit as much, just about every 2-3months, I tried to keep my limits, it can really get addicitng, costly and dangerous haha ! l.a is the social life, you never know who you might meet ; and what you might do, check out some of my weeknd pics i really dont wanna spend years talking about my crazy weeknd. ;]
arriving back to a friends house at 2am
train station .

A friend of mine I met over "Myspace" through mutual friends, it was completely accidentally that we ran into each other at a party and it was sooo much fun , of course his style is totally out of this world, he's a real cool guy. ;] there's no social place like L.A lol !!

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  1. I adore this look! Fab boots!

    Stay gorgeous!


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