Wednesday, July 7, 2010

If theres anyone into the Fashion, Photography, Modeling, Journalist, ect whatever it
is that you do and you are serious about it Im here to say Hey, Im pretty much in that same
position and I know how doubting times and situations can seem.. Today I had a talk with my mom which was strange, new & refreshing but it felt good to have that talk with her Ive been trying to let her know that I am serious about my passion for this and I WONT STOP
so either shes gonna help me or watch me do it on my own or find help else where lol,
you have to talk to parents professionally to let them know your intentions are REAL.

Im telling you not to give up, dont stop trying, dont become discouraged &
NEVER settle for less no matter what. Our thoughts create our reality.
so always think positive and think BIG!!

I wanted to make things open for everyone because i have those days where
I wanna give up, because it feels I will never make it to my destination
But in a sense that strives me to keep going and going harder each time.

so if you wanna email me or want some encouragement or just wanna vent to me
hell! i'll even vent with you, I'll support you the best i can, give you a shoutout on my
blog if your looking for exposure.. It dosent even has to have anything to do with my blog
it could be school or family problems, relationship problems.. Im here to tell you I'll
personally try my best to give you my best advice. heres my email:
I check my email almost a thousand times a day so send me a email.

God Bless!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Love your blog. Im following you. Follow me? :-)

  2. well said, never give up on something that brings you happiness and drive!
    follow me :P

  3. awww! never give up! ill remember that and keep that in mind! happiness is key! love your blog girl! thanks for that :]

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  5. God bless you girl!
    Thanks for inspiration!

    I wish your dreams come true!

    Peace and love!


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