Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How To Market Your Work.

I started reading a book from the u.k which i love all books from publishers all over the world,
they give you a wider insight from thier experiences and knowledge and im sure everyone can use that when it comes to the marketing industry, wheater you do fashion,photograghy,
art, music ect. It can be complicated to make your work stand out, get attention, and grow.
So I decided to share with you all i afew things i learned to help you in your area of work.
Im sure this could pretty much help any entreprenuar.

1.)Think about where your core talents lie & what you'd like tyo do with them...
Advertising ? Design ? Illustration ? Its good to specialise but remeber today's industry
is about crossing boundaries and stretching the media limits.

2.) The key is to keep increasing, keep making contacts, keep building your portfolio
& keep expanding your range. Networking is the most important thing in this industry!
its not all about what you know, but who you know! these people may be able to help you,
with ideas, advice, encouragement, inspiration, ect everyone is important in the creative

3.) Do your research/// whoever you approach for work & however you approach them,
make sure you do your research. Find out about the kind of work they do & the kind of culture
they foster. Always be looking a year down the road for new industry trends, new opportunities new ways to implement your talents & skills your constantly learning.

4.) Consider the Competition:
creative work is all about being inspired: by the worl, by your environment, by the people and things around you. In a creative sense its important to be aware of other peoples work.
On a logistical level, its essential that your you're unaware of what the competition
is doing.If your a designer what kinds of design styles are currently popular? How are other
designers showing digital portfolios while you trudge around with your 'REAL' portfolio
So while its important to look at what other people are doing, its mainly so that you can
try to do something better.

5.)Exactly do you impress prospective employers? Surprise them with insight or ideas
for thier business thats on the money.

6.) The brand of you, is the most important brand any creative works on.
Being a sponge meanstaking everything in, Being open to ideas & inspirations.
The brand of you, you must keep honing it,pushing it, growing it.
In time the rewards of brand recognition will come.

As you go about developing the 'brand of you' remeber once your brand becomes known ,
you have the ability to affect it negatively as well as positively.


  1. gr8 asvice and everything you said was sooo true

    ad id said the one i agree wit the most is networking is not what you know but who u know!!!

    thankyu very much im glad u like my film pictures!!!! =) i was nervous i thought no-one would like them =s

    yeah you so should use the clothes for competitions but make the deadline dat long so u an get as much followers as possible!! ;)

    and say that u have to be a follower too!!

    well the pic size issue you can adjust that when u upload the pictures depends on what editor you have o you have the updated one the recent one?\\shukura


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  3. Inspiring stuff! Love your photos- could do with a photogragher myself! Look forward to following you (and cheers for the cool comments on my homemade outfit @looksville.com). Keep up the good work!
    urbanECOqueen, UK
    www.wix.com/nicolachalkley/urbanecoqueen (under construction)


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